Building a Brighter Future
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Building a Brighter Future
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Supply Chain Management

We believe that every link in our supply chain represents an opportunity to implement progressive innovative processes. These processes enable us to provide maximum value to our customers. Our supply chain organization was developed with this belief and has been refined, through years of experience, into a successful, centralized, and fully integrated model. Our mission is to provide business partners with best in class procurement, prefabrication, logistics, and asset and information management services, that are strategically focused to create business value and promote operational success.

Establishing a fully integrated supply chain has been imperative to State Electric’s ability to evolve into a best in class, full-service electrical contracting company. Now that this vision has become a reality, we realize that the future of State Electric will continue to be influenced by the evolution of its supply chain integration. In response, we continue to manage the growth of our supply chain by maintaining a focus on the development of strong horizontal processes, that enable true cross-functional planning and the balancing of departmental objectives with corporate strategies. Through solid planning, detailed coordination, and clear communication, the supply chain organization has been able to provide incredible value to our customers. We continue to improve through perpetual monitoring, evaluation, and advancement in supply chain activities, processes, and relationships.  

We’re able to maintain a sustainable competitive advantage by seeking, establishing, and maintaining relationships with vendors who share our commitment to quality and success—while providing the best value, at the lowest total cost, with minimal supply chain risks. Our internal and external customers greatly benefit from our ability to understand and effectively respond to their project needs. This ability enables project teams to avoid delays, eliminate cost overruns, exceed quality standards, and ultimately deliver successful projects.

State Electric maximizes our efforts throughout the supply chain in order to better serve our operations, maintain a competitive advantage, and enhance the value contribution to all of our clients.  In the execution of our efforts, we specifically target the following areas to ensure success:

  • Engage in collaborative strategic sourcing
  • Focus on total cost of ownership
  • Establish key supplier alliances
  • Promote supplier diversity
  • Optimize company-owned inventory levels
  • Maintain appropriate levels of control and minimize risk
  • Take green initiatives and social responsibility seriously


Right Product. Right Price. Right On Time.
  • Strategic sourcing model that allows for maximum flexibility and targeted processing
  • Automated and standardized source-to-contract cycle streamlining the procurement process
  • Demand planning and forecasting increasing efficiencies and customer satisfaction
  • Performance and spend analytics establishing metrics-based monitoring and controls
  • Creation of economies of scale and leveraged buying power
  • Market and opportunity assessments providing early identification of risks and rewards
  • Increased product knowledge and marketability breeding collaboration and innovation


Innovative & Progressive Prefabrication Processes
  • Streamlined approach that reduces distractions promoting safety, quality, and productivity
  • Consistent high quality results due to controlled environment assembly per well-defined and rigidly adhered to specifications
  • Shared financial savings from all cost types due to concentrated, controlled and focused assembly of individual products to complete systems
  • UL Certified company with the ability to produce UL Listed wiring assemblies
  • Reduced construction times due to production efficiencies, elimination of on-site constraints, and acceleration possibilities inherent with off-site assembly
  • Maximum eco-friendly effort in regards to both energy efficiency and sustainability by targeting the elimination of waste with every step


More Than Just Warehousing
  • Just-in-time (JIT) delivery methods are often utilized to lessen the demands of on-hand inventory, laydown area, and necessary staging times
  • Well-lit, clean, and well-organized, our warehouse facility operates as our central distribution center for prefabricated and specialty product requirements
  • Value-stream mapping is consistently utilized to maximize our logistics workflow and relationship efficiencies which serve as a basis in developing our strategic roadmap
  • Our logistics team employs a well-developed pull system plans that create an orderly and consistent flow of product from pick to pack to ship
  • Efforts to reduce transportation costs, lower inventory, and provide greater visibility are on-going initiatives that support continuous improvement

Asset Management

Optimization Through Minimization & Oversight
  • Manage and monitor equipment, facility, fleet, and tooling requirements
  • Complete life-cycle delivery; asset acquisition, operation, maintenance, and disposition
  • Established performance measures including asset utilization, overall effectiveness, and total effective performance
  • Planned versus reactive maintenance ensuring peak performance and maximum life expectancy
  • Continuous life-cycle analyses producing operational optimization and calculated replacements
  • Delivers long-term economic and sustainable outputs

Information Management

The C3 Value Chain - Collect, Communicate, Circulate
  • Standardized IT programs, processes and data management procedures across departments
  • Implement cutting edge technology with best practices, methodologies, and processes
  • Increased data processing speed and enhanced informational security
  • Centralized ERP system providing financial and operational information to all managers
  • Produce consistent and meaningful information through enhanced reporting and planning
  • Strengthen decision-making with deeper and faster operational insight
  • Close collaboration among departments promoting operational agility and flexibility

“The most distinctive quality of our Supply Chain operation is the willingness and ability to utilize several strategic solutions concurrently.  Each strategically planned approach is enhanced by specific operational and tactical considerations that enable us to recognize and account for differences in markets, segments, products, services and above all else the needs of our clients.”

Eric PapsonSupply Chain Manager


Our fully integrated supply chain optimizes the flow of products, services, information, and finances, which supports the creation of better relationship value and improvement of overall business efficiency. Below are some notable benefits of State Electric’s fully integrated supply chain:

Operational Flexibility & Agility

Long Standing Strategic Partnerships

Maximum Cost Control & Risk Protection

Alignment of Interests, Identity, & Incentives

Seamless & Uninhibited Flow of Information

Smooth Flow of Goods & Services