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Building a Brighter Future
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Proven Experience Executing Clients' Deliverables

For decades, State Electric has partnered with owners, construction managers, general contractors, facility managers, and utility and power plant operators on design-assist/design-build projects. We can provide a broad spectrum of design deliverables that range from constructability reviews, all the way to 100% stamped design documents. Whether it’s a design-assist/design-build approach, our in-house team provides the support necessary to meet the requirements of a project, to ensure the most cost-effective solutions are utilized. We work hand-in-hand with you to make sure budgets are created to the highest degree of accuracy and detail.

A key component of our design-assist/design-build approach is an on-going estimating effort. As designs change, we will identify and flag items that will affect final pricing, so you can make informed financial decisions, relative to your budgeting parameters. We pride ourselves on our ability to establish budgets that hold throughout the design-development phases of a project. Participating in the pre-construction process allows us to fully understand the scope of work, critical budget constraints, and condensed schedule requirements. Complex and demanding projects are best served by our early design participation. This allows us to put our proactive and problem-solving approach to work, assuring the project can be completed in a timely and cost-effective manner. Our design-assist/design-build team is comprised of knowledgeable professionals proficient in BIM technologies, allowing us to offer innovative design solutions and alternatives. Whether you are looking for a design-assist partner to work with your engineer of record (EOR) or a design-build contractor where we have all engineering responsibility, we can help you become more efficient and cost-effective on your next construction project.

Collaborative Team Approach

Maximizing Each Team Member's Strengths
  • Senior Manager – Project oversight
  • Project Manager – Project oversight and constructability reviews
  • Chief & Senior Estimator – Create & maintain a budget that holds
  • General Foreman – Constructability reviews, code compliance, & coordination
  • VDC Coordinator – Electrical design and coordination
  • Procurement – Assure accurate pricing

Commitment To Client Satisfaction

Implementing Innovative Solutions
  • Utilize an open book process to facilitate keeping the project on budget through design
  • Form strategic alliances with engineers & vendors to overcome job challenges
  • Comprehend the client’s deliverables in order to meet project requirements effectively
  • Participate in “over the shoulder” design reviews with the engineer
  • Provide design review for constructability analysis and cost-effective means
  • Work collaboratively with all involved parties to complete the design

“I don’t think people realize how effective design-assist/design-build can be in the building process. It starts with a strong team of designers and builders all working together toward a common goal. With everyone working collaboratively, coupled with the individual strengths of each team member, State Electric can maximize the owner’s final design savings and offer superior project delivery.”

John AblondiDirector of Business Development

Project Experience

State Electric has executed our client’s design-assist/design-build deliverables to successfully deliver the following electrical construction projects:


State Electric’s design-assist/design-build team possesses the necessary expertise, knowledge, and experience to meet all of our client’s design deliverables. Below are some benefits that our design-assist/design-build services can provide:

Cost Effective Electrical Design

Value Engineering

Accurate Budgets That Hold

Collaborative Team Approach

Effectively Meet Owner's Requirements

Identify Scope Gaps to Mitigate Risk