Building a Brighter Future
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Building a Brighter Future
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Corporate Social Responsibility

At State Electric, our corporate social responsibility includes being a good corporate citizen while performing everything we do with the highest level of integrity. We are committed to making a measurable impact on people, society, and the world, in which we live and work. By giving back to the communities that we build, we are able to make a significant difference to those in need. All of our employees embrace philanthropic activities as a part of our company’s mission to promote ethical social change and foster a sense of responsibility.   

Sustainability is at the core of State Electric’s operation. We’re minimizing our environmental impact by reducing greenhouse gas emissions in our day-to-day processes, supply chain activities, and asset management. Our lean construction approach, in conjunction with meeting the requirements of LEED projects, allows us to minimize waste, materials, and resources to help promote overall sustainability.


A major focus in our commitment to help others and make our community a better place is our work with MissionSAFE. Founded in 1998, by Sister Anne Carrabino and Nikki Flionis, MissionSAFE works with Boston’s highly at-risk youth and their families to help them gain the skills and confidence to thrive, not just survive, and improve the community and world around them. The organization has earned its reputation as a safe, neutral place in which every youth is always welcome, and where mistakes are embraced as opportunities for learning. MissionSAFE provides numerous development programs that prepare its youth for success academically, socially, and professionally. They have around 100 children and young adults in their programs and are truly able to make a major difference in every one of their lives.

State Electric‚Äôs President, Ronnie Koning, is the Chairman of the Board of Directors at MissionSAFE. He has been involved with MissionSAFE for many years now, ‚ÄúI see the impact the youth development programs have on these young individuals first hand. Each program consists of engaging activities in the areas of leadership development, education, employment preparation, and various other life skills. With continued support from State Electric and other companies, we can give these kids the opportunity they need to reach their full potential!‚ÄĚ Listed below is a snapshot of the activities that State Electric hosts/participates in to continue to help further advance MissionSAFE‚Äôs programs:

  • Host and organize MissionSAFE‚Äôs annual Brighter Futures Open golf tournament
  • Coordinate and sponsor MissionSAFE‚Äôs annual 5k
  • Donate Thanksgiving dinners to all of MissionSAFE's families every year
  • Continued participation and support for MissionSAFE‚Äôs programs

Support MissionSAFE

Their mission is to work with Boston’s highly at-risk youth and their families to gain the skills and confidence to thrive, not just survive, and to improve their community and their world. Any contribution to MissionSAFE goes a long way in allowing them to continue to provide critical programs and services for their youth.