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Accurate Budgets to Keep Your Project On Time & On Budget

With vast experience, across a wide variety of disciplines in electrical construction, State Electric is a proven source of comprehensive budgets. We understand that accurate and early budgets are critical to your project’s planning and success. Our extensive budgets allow you to make informed decisions on your project’s design to meet financial goals. State Electric’s accurate budgeting combined with value engineering services helps our customers keep their projects within budgeting parameters during the design process.

We know the importance of a precise budget for our customers. That’s why we take pride in the fact that our budgets hold true with that very same precision. The level of detail we put into every budget results in pricing that’s accurate and true throughout the financing process. This is possible because our team of experienced estimators and managers have a thorough understanding of what it takes to build a project. Their knowledge of building materials, building codes, and trends in the electrical construction industry is second to none. We take the time to review all of the documents and work with your team to analyze and capture all of the costs, as thoroughly as possible, and by continuing to work with the stakeholders until the budget’s complete.

Budgeting Excellence

Providing Comprehensive Estimates That Hold

Our experienced estimators process the design development documents and mark up the drawings with system details. From the marked-up drawings, we perform full take-offs of each system to develop a comprehensive budget. As part of our budget proposal, detailed costs for each system are provided for your use and evaluation.

“A good budget starts with an open dialog between the team members to reach a common goal of providing our client with the best possible product, construction practices, and value for their project. Our philosophy is to provide a complete and comprehensive budget, itemized, and categorized, that will hold up through the entire bid and construction process.”

Brendan DickieVice President, Commercial Electrical Construction


As a recognized leader in budgeting excellence, with vast experience in all electrical construction market sectors, State Electric’s estimating department can provide our clients with the following benefits:

Value Engineering

Minimizes Risk

Comprehensive Budgets That Hold

Establish Realistic Construction Costs

Constructability Advice

Provide Accurate Documentation