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Building a Brighter Future
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State Electric’s commitment to safety excellence is reflected by our “safety first” core value to ensure the highest safety standards are initiated, planned, and executed in all our work. The safety of our employees is our number one priority.

A strong safety culture is at the backbone of State Electric’s operation. Our safety culture is founded on mutual trust, led by our exceptional field management, project management, and safety management teams. State Electric’s employees continuously demonstrate our commitment to health and safety management which is a product of all individuals and their collective values, attitudes, perceptions, competencies, and patterns of behavior. With the full support of our executive team, we pride ourselves on providing the necessary provisions for our employees to return home to their families safely.

As a leader in electrical construction in New England, we are committed to ensuring quality occupational health and safety by emphasizing incident and accident prevention. State Electric prioritizes managing the control of risks in the workplace with risk management being critical to the success of our day-to-day operation. Implementation of our Safety Management System (SMS) has been vital in identifying workplace hazards, implementing controls, monitoring performance, and improving productivity. This method allows us to demonstrate to our clients that we are at the forefront of safety for our employees while maintaining a below industry average experience modification rating (EMR).

Key Elements Of Our Safety Culture

State Electric’s safety culture starts at the top with our executive safety committee and is transmitted down from our project managers to our IBEW electricians, linemen, and technicians. We take pride in how we’ve been able to maintain high safety standards across the company and build a strong safety culture through the following:

Dedicated Safety Managers

Daily Stretch & Flex

Continuous Safety Training

Daily Safety Briefs

Weekly Toolbox Talks

Management Participation

“Workplace safety is a journey, not a destination. A safety culture does not develop overnight but takes unwavering commitment, nurturing, and dedication at all levels of the business. Here at State Electric, this is our foundation; it is our driving force in all that we do. A solid locked-in foundation must not allow any lateral movement. It takes time to cure and when nurtured correctly, can stand the test of time. Slow and steady wins the race.” 

Chris HarringtonDirector of Safety, Training & Administration

5-Pillar Safety Approach

Our commitment to the five-pillar safety approach and maintaining the highest safety standards is at the core of how we execute all of our work.

Management Commitment

A clear commitment from management.

Visible Management

Managers lead by example when it comes to health and safety.

Employee Participation

Active collaboration with employees for a proper health and safety culture.

Safety Management System

Safety control measures are implemented, monitored, and enforced.

Effective Monitoring

Continued commitment to improve our health and safety culture.

“In construction, a solid foundation is key to building a structure that will stand well into the future. Every safety measure taken to protect lives is a pillar of progress — ensuring that every structure rises not just with strength but with a steadfast commitment to the well-being of those who build and inhabit it. At State Electric, each hard hat worn and every harness fastened is a testament to our collective responsibility to keep our communities and employees as safe as possible.” 

Michael WiedenfeldDirector of Safety, Field Operations

Safety & Health Affiliations

State Electric’s experienced professionals have shown their commitment to safety and health excellence through the following affiliations:

3 Principles Of Safety

State Electric is fully committed to safety excellence and we encourage all of our employees to stay conscious of our three principles of safety. In doing so, our crews work with safety in every step of their work.

Plan Your Task

Safety In Every Step

State Electric plans for safety in every phase of a project. Safety planning is implemented from the estimating phase right through the project closeout. We have hazard and risk analysis included in our site-specific safety plans, with daily job briefings conducted at the start of the day. We understand that taking safety seriously is of the utmost importance. That’s why we plan for it in every step, of every task that we perform throughout the workday.


Promotes Best Safety Practices

Effective communication is a key element to any safe and successful project. We need to maintain open and honest communication in order to learn what works and what needs improvement in the safety field. State Electric encourages feedback from our employees on all of our programs in order to maintain the highest safety standards. All incidents are required to be reported immediately, so that we may learn how to prevent similar incidents from reoccurring.

Stop Work Authority

Everyone Goes Home Safe

With full support from management, everyone at State Electric has the authority and responsibility to stop a task or operation if it is unsafe. If an unsafe situation presents itself, we stop and make it right or remove ourselves from the scene until it can be made safe. No job is too important and no task is so urgent that we cannot take the time to work safely.